Board of Directors.

JQJ, has been formed by a Consortium of three Companies namely JIS Group, Quivan Empowerment Skill, JBC Ltd.

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Mr Jagmohan Swamidas Chandrani
JBC Ltd.

Mr Jagmohan Swamidas Chandrani is one of the Directors in JIS Quivan JBC Private Limited. Under his leadership many new initiatives have begun and he has been instrumental in the transformation of the Company to a global giant. He has more than a decade’s exposure of domestic and international business leadership, specifically in the territory of Japan.

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Mr Taranjit Singh
JIS Group

Mr Taranjit Singh, Director of JIS Quivan JBC Private Limited is chasing a dream that his father (Sardar Jodh Singh) cherished — to empower lives through knowledge and education. He is widely acknowledged across the region as an educationist and corporate leader. He has created new standards in quality self-financed and practical education and played a pioneering role in laying the foundation of skill industry. His efforts have been recognised over the years by various groups within and outside the country.

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Mr Souman Bhattacharya
Quivan Skill Empowerment Pvt. Ltd.

In JIS Quivan JBC Private Limited, the man who is really been behind the extraordinary effort is Mr Souman Bhattacharya. In the last few decades since the foreign placement linked bust, he spotted and then exploited a huge opportunity in the international skill requirement. Not only is he running the country’s one of the largest training organizations, but he is also changing the way people perceive the skill competency in India. Mr Bhattacharya is one of the Directors in JIS Quivan JBC Private Limited. In his capacity, he manages JQJ’s specific requirements with external clients and stakeholders, including Government Officials, community and Foreign Recruiters. He can be contacted at

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