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JQJ, has been formed by a Consortium of three Companies namely JIS Group, Quivan Empowerment Skill, JBC Ltd.

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Mr. Basab Banerjee
Senior Advisor

30 years in vocational systems training design and management, in countries spanning Canada to Australia. He has supported the Government of India's efforts for overseas skilling. Currently a Consultant, Working with Asian Development Bank and with many State Governments like Kerala, Himachal Pradesh etc to optimise their TVET Projects. Support to Universities/Colleges with Industry Connect and Skilling Programs, which then gives Universities/Colleges additional Businesses. Engaged with Government of Bangladesh to develop Industry Skill Councils, and with some organisations to optimise their TVET Projects. Consulted with NSDC to optimise India's International Skilling Program, and now working with International employers and Indian TVET Co.s to provide Indian Talent globally, with focus on Europe, Japan, SE Asia and GCC Countries. www.skilindiglo.com.

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We have experience of sourcing, skilling and placing people. With accreditation from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, GCC etc.

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